Shine Bright like a Gold

Two Differences, two Personalities, two styles..
Masculine and Girly..

Thank you HouseofDeyna for this beauty Ayla Crop Dress.. so comfy and wearable.. And i match it with Restu Anggraini and Wulandari sofwan Pants.. (one of my fav.)

My Outfit:
Ayla Crop Dress | HouseofDeyna


Love When It Flow

Assalamualaikum Ladies.. :)

It's been a looooong time not writin something on my blooogggg..
How are you goegeous??

Without any basa basi lagi.. hehe..
Her,e i show you my outfit when im attending some wedding party or any event..

Add some accessories like brooch.. or..

or you can add some flowery head band.. :)

This is my cutee niece Alilaaa..

Thank you for my friend Nada Rivany, All's scarf and my friend Annisa Setiani for the dress, scraf, and accessories..
Thank you ladiesss.. mmuah.. :*

My Outfit: 
(Click link bellow to find it)

Hoodie Scarf | All's Scarf
Tosca Bolero | my own design kasih Tukang jahit :)
LyLa Dress | Nada Rivany
Hand Made Accessories | Aniez Costume