Very Me

Its Cloudy and rainy day,, i just love it..
and guess what, so many couples getting married,,, hihihi
i wanna prepare my self to attend so many invitations..
and this is the outfit that i used yesterday..
Morning Cloud and a shiny outfit.. :)
Its Very me.. 
Thank you Aluyya for lovely lovely skirt.. :* #hugtheskirt

My Outfit:
Scarf | Unbranded
Top | Unbrended
Skirt | Aluyya <--- Click it
Clutch | The little thing she needs
Watch | Guess
Ring | Naughty
Wedding ring | My husband (hehe,,,)
Photographer | Mr. Bobby and my husband (thankyou :))

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Okey Ladies,, have a nice weekend..




My Everyday Make up Kit

Assalamualaikum Ladies..
Yes.. as your request Ladies.. :)
This is my trully trully Everyday make up product and etc..
This is gonna be loonggg post darling!
Gak sabar? hehe..
Lets check and review..


1. Wardah Two Way Cake (Press Powder) | #01 Light Beige
This powder match with my skin, and not too heavy for everyday make up, its light but i still feel the powder on my skin. But if you want, you can apply some face cream, sunblock, foundation or etc before you apply powder, it makes your powder more stay longer. So i like this powder.
2. MAC Studio Fix (Press Powder) | #NC30
For now, i love this powder. Why? becoz i dont have to applying any base cream on my face. Yeah.. Its more heavy than wardah, so when im in hurry i just wash my face with watter, let it a little bit dry (feel moise) than i put my mac powder, so wallaaa, my face done! hehe.. why i wash my face, becos i want to make my powder stay longer on my skin, the watter make the powder stick to my face.
3. Revlon Photoready (Concealer) | #02 Light SPF 20
This Concealer help to cover up my face from acne scars, redness, blemished skin, or else. I dont like a heavy foundation, so i just conceal some place like under eyes, nose bridge, Chin, a little bit forehead, and some place that i like to correct. Concealer ini lumayan stay longer loh, dan sejauh ini diwajah saya gak menggumpal or cakey.

Pencil and Brush

1. Brush Kit
Help me for aye make up, contouring, Eyebrow brush (right one)
2. Just Miss Pencil (eyebrow) | Dark Brown
Really? Sulam alis? hehehe.. kan ada pinsil alis babe,,, Saya cuma pakai pinsil alis untuk merapihkan alis saya, jadi tidak sulam-sulaman,,, hihi.. Selain merk ini biasanya merk Davis yang brown. So this is my secret eyebrow product. tapiiii... pinsil alis apapun insyallah saya suka dan gak masalah, harga Rp.2000 - Rp. 200.000 for me sama ajah.. hehehe..

3. Just Miss Pinsil Bibir | Peach
Ini optinal yah.. i used this for by base lips, but jarang-jarang hanya kalau malas bawa lipstik aja, :)
4. Rautan yahhh.. :)
Pastinya buat tajamin pinsil-pinsilmu, always bring it babe, it so important, apalagi jika berpergian.. :)
5. Krayolan White Pencil
This is for your waterline, makes your eyes pop and bright. I love it :)


1. MAC Sheertone Blush | Sincere
Ini bisa buat blush on or your bronzer, dan sudah hampir habis. :D
2. NYX Mosaic Blush | MPB06 Rosey
Ini untuk tambahan shimmering diwajahmu, tapi jarang saya pakai. i love using this if i have to attend some night wedding invitation.
3. Giordani Gold Bronzing Pearls | Natural Radiance
Yup, i just wear it sometime, i like this one for photoshoot becouse its so bold and heavy blush. 

Eyes Frame

1. Revlon Matte Eyeshadow | Rich sable
i love love this collor, this is what im searching for, a dark brown color. And i love wearing something matte. :) its perfect for your eyes or contouring your noce or face.
2. LT Pro Pencil eye liner
This pencil is so creamy and black, i love this pencil.
3. Maybeline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner | Black
it is drama gurl.. i have try bobby brown eyeliner gel, and ini gak kalah ladiesss,,,
i love it.. :*
4. Mavala Mascara | Black
i just wear a little bit mascara for my day, just make my eyes more bright dan ini ga bleber gurls..


1. Beauty Style | French Look Matte
Sooooo mee... ini favorit aku, :D lumayan murah dan bagus buat kamu yang suka warna nude,, Kalau kamu-kamu yang suka nanya warna lipstick saya, ini warna dan merknya.. :)
2. Maybeline Water Shine | B24
Biasanya kalau bibir terlalu matte suka kering, jadi saya suka menambahkan lipstick ini di bibir bawah saya. ;)
3. Wardah Exlusive Lipstic | #37
i love this color too, menurut saya, pink nude, apalagi kalo dicampur sama warna nude basic. Saya punya banyak lipstik wardah untuk dikoleksi warnanya, tapi lebih sering dipakai yang ini ladies..
4. Clinique Long Lasting Lipstick | #15 All Heart
Merah, yah sometime we need some sparkle on our lips, add some red on your lips. Tapi biasanya saya mengusapkan tisu ke bibir yg sudah dipoles agar terlihat matte dan tidak terlalu mencolok. :)

Fiuuuhhh... Done,,!
okey ladies, thats all i got to share to you,  my daily make up..
gak semuanya dipakai, namun mostly saya sering menggunakan product-product diatas, Sebenernya banyak koleksi make up saya, mudah-mudahan bisa di share next time yahh.. hehehe..:D 

I really hope you like it ladies, and hope it can help you..
Thank you for visit my blog..

Love u ladies, mmuuahh