style Inspiration: Wing

Dear Ladies..
How's your day?
Here i bring you my outfit yesterday..
Thank you Noni Zakiah And Mainland heritage..
So comfy and somehow, its match.. :D yey..!

 Supergirl Wingsuit by Noni Zakiah, Cleosa Pants by Mainland Heritage, Shawl by Kaffah

 Cleosa Pants by Mainland Heritage

 Cleosa Pants Detail

The Outfit

I want to introducing my little nephew..
Her name is Alila ( Sofia Alila WM)
now her age is about 1 year 9 monts..
And She's verry like Cherry Belle..

Here Some Cherry Belle's Pose..
Chibby chibby chibby..
Alila so adorable.. :* kiss

My Outfit:
Supergirl Wingsuit Top | Noni Zakiah 
Cleosa Pants | Mainland Heritage


  1. cantiknya teh irna subhanallah,udah merrid tapi masih kaya anak abg,you my inspiration teh :)

  2. iiih...teh irna lucu pose ama alila..:)pengen cubit.hihi..sukses slalu cantik!

  3. you are so beautiful and so fashion

  4. Iya itu keponakan aku.. aku blm punya anak.. hehe
    makasih smuanyaa,,, :D

  5. Hi Teh Irna,

    Penasaran sama kaos lengan panjangnya, it looks nice. May I know where to get it? Thanks b4.