Style inspiration: Sparkly day

Assalamualaikum ladies.. :)
its been long time not posting in here,,
and i think its a lovely day and i want to share you something.. :)

Today, i feel so sparkling.. becoz, im wearing a sparkly shirt by Aluyya 
Thank you Aluyya.. i love this shirt.. 

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i mix my sparkly shirt with my camel pants and scarf by Mocca.. :)

And also.. My gold ribbon by Fiska Fiska.. :)

Yes its a sunny day, but i love it..
I love to shopping at Moshaict.. never get bord.. :) hihi..

My Outfit:
Scarf | Mocca
Sparkly Top | @Aluyya
Camel Pants | Magnolia
Yellow Jelly Bag | D&G
Ribbon | Fiska Fiska



  1. mbak.. itu yg pake softcase hello kitty apa ya? :)

  2. @risalah: its my hello kitty galaxy tab case.. :p cute isnt it? hihi

    @hijab n Co: ooowwhh.. thank you darling.. you too.. :*

  3. Irna,selalu cantik deh.. dan ak selalu suka style kamu :)

  4. Ka irnaa... Cantiknyaa...kak, itu celananya model apa sih ka? Warnanya baguuss..

  5. irna, first. i love the way you dress. compare to one when you still study at State Polytechnic of Jakarta.
    second, i just want to tell you that its supposed to be bow, as in bow tie or else. NOT ribbon. ribbon in bahasa means pita. aksesoris itu berbentuk seperti dasi kupu2 yg bahasa inggrisnya BOW.

  6. sis , gugh jual online kah??

  7. Hi irna, Salam kenal...I'm a beginner and was googling for a round face hijab tutorial and landed on your blog. Love your style,the way you wear your hijab esp this casual style...anyway I looove the scarf so much that I google for mocca scarf right away, but couldn't find it. Can you tell me where can I get the mocca label and or a link of their website or Facebook maybe? Thank you in advance