Style inspiration: Sparkly day

Assalamualaikum ladies.. :)
its been long time not posting in here,,
and i think its a lovely day and i want to share you something.. :)

Today, i feel so sparkling.. becoz, im wearing a sparkly shirt by Aluyya 
Thank you Aluyya.. i love this shirt.. 

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i mix my sparkly shirt with my camel pants and scarf by Mocca.. :)

And also.. My gold ribbon by Fiska Fiska.. :)

Yes its a sunny day, but i love it..
I love to shopping at Moshaict.. never get bord.. :) hihi..

My Outfit:
Scarf | Mocca
Sparkly Top | @Aluyya
Camel Pants | Magnolia
Yellow Jelly Bag | D&G
Ribbon | Fiska Fiska



Style Inspiration : Mix it!

Hmm.. it's been along time not posting anything in here..
And now, i feel so freshly to write something.. 
I really love my Ayako pants from Aluyya , and surprising for me my Ayako pants is match with Wavy top from  House of Nabilia.. 
So, i grab my Pink All's Scarf , wrap it.. put some Brooch and i ready to hang out.. :)

Oh ya.. i wanna show you my favorite brooch and ring..
You know what.. i love ribbon.. :)
So love it, til' i collect 3 series color..
I got this from Fiska Fiska when Moshaict bazaar yesterday ( 2-4 march)..

Just be your self and love your self ladies.. :)

My Outfit:
Ribbon Brooch | Fiska Fiska
Scarf | All's Scarf
Wavy Top | House of Nabilia
Ayako Pants | Aluyya