Sometimes we feel soo lazy to do many things ..
Like being in the midst of feeling unwell with a feeling of boredom .. (what?? i really dont know what im sayin' T______T')

Allah is more like the person who is always working and useful..
but, how if that "lazy diseas" is come?
Just make your self busy with good things..

what do you do when "lazy disease" is come, ladies?
if "lazy" come to me, at least i open laptop and click-ing my blog or seek some advice from Islamic or tausiah from mrgoogle or books .. At least reading something useful.. :)

Ibn Abbas radiallhu anhu Rosululloh sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam said of Allah Almighty words: "...If he intends to do good and he does it, Allah writes it down as 10 to 700 times more good or more ..." (Narrated/ hadist by Bukhari and Muslim)

It was great is'nt it? :)

Abu Hurayrah radiallahu anhu: he said: That the Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam said: "The demon will tie your neck when you're sleeping, with three ties, so that you sleep all night. If one of you woke up with the name of Allah, then demon take off the first bond. Then if one of you ablutions, than demon will take off the second bond. And if it continued with the prayer, then take off third bond, so taht thay you will be excited and be clear. If not, then your heart will be matted and lazy"(Narrated / hadist by Muslim)

Really nice hadist..
How about you:)
What do you do?


  1. lazyy??...but u still look beautiful..:)

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