Dating with my husband

Yesterday, January 23th 2012 is our 2nd anniversary.. :)
and there is no word to describe any feeling of pleasure and gratitude to Allah, but thank God and i love you my husband.. :)

This is my outfit..

Style Inspiration: 

Pashmina | My collection
Dress | My collection
Top | Summer Top by House of Nabilia
Sandals | Shabilla
click here | www.hijup.com

My Husband:
Cap | Biasa
Shirt | Biasa
Jeans | Hush Puppies

Thank You Ladies..


Me and Muthia

Assalamualaikum Ladies..

Do you remember my last post about behrooz top?
This is another story about it.. :D
Maybe we can call it Part 2 of behrooz.. hehehe..
 But, this time its just me and my besties Muthia.. 

I really like what she wore that thay..
I want it so bad..

Muthia is wearing Jumpsuit and Asymmetric shirt by Mainland Heritage..
We both wearing Mainland heritage wardrobe that thay.. :) hihihi..
The Jumpsuit called Fayola Jumpsuit, and the shirt called Adora shirt..

Look at her hijab, really cool right?
actually, its 2 combinations, the grey 1 is cotton shawl that connet to her jumpsuit ( Fayola Jumpsiut by Mainland Heritage ) and the purple 1 is verry beautiful silky shawl by Kaffah.

My silly face.. hahaha.. :D

Just review Muthia's Blog : www.Muthia8.blogspot.com
And As usually if you want to get those wardrobe you can get it on www.hijup.com
Photos by Siti Juwariah

Oke ladies.. thats all i got to share with you.. :)
Have a nice day.. :D




Do you recognize this face?

Magazine | ANNISA
Edition | January 2012

Find lots  of information, style and fashion in ANNISA Magazine..
So Fresh.. :)

P.A.N.T.S pants paaannttss...

Lily Pants | Mainland Heritage
Glitter Top | Rumah Mode Bandung
Scarf | Miss Marina
Shoes | Urban&Co


Style Inspiration : Release

White and Grey..
Happy and Silent..
just release..

When you don't feel sure about something, then ask your heart..



Style Inspiration : Beach Calling with Tutu Dress

It's a special day..
With Special dress..

I love this dress, very soft and very pretty ..
Thank you so much to Mainland Heritage for this beautiful dress ..
I felt a gentle breeze caressing my dress ..
Soooo lovely.. hmm.. :)

Thanks to my beloved husband who has taken a picture of me.. :*
Love u.. :)

Grab it fast ladies.. :)
Have a nice day everybody..
Acha acha Fighting!! \(^0^)/


Tutu Dress | Mainland Heritage
Glasses | Emporio Armani
Bracelet | Bali Accessories
Hijab and Shirt | Mal Ambassador :p hehe..

Photos by Achmed Shahram (My Lovely Husband)

Owner of Mainland Heritage:

Where to get it:

Video Tutorial #4

Enjoy Ladies..



Sometimes we feel soo lazy to do many things ..
Like being in the midst of feeling unwell with a feeling of boredom .. (what?? i really dont know what im sayin' T______T')

Allah is more like the person who is always working and useful..
but, how if that "lazy diseas" is come?
Just make your self busy with good things..

what do you do when "lazy disease" is come, ladies?
if "lazy" come to me, at least i open laptop and click-ing my blog or seek some advice from Islamic or tausiah from mrgoogle or books .. At least reading something useful.. :)

Ibn Abbas radiallhu anhu Rosululloh sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam said of Allah Almighty words: "...If he intends to do good and he does it, Allah writes it down as 10 to 700 times more good or more ..." (Narrated/ hadist by Bukhari and Muslim)

It was great is'nt it? :)

Abu Hurayrah radiallahu anhu: he said: That the Prophet sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam said: "The demon will tie your neck when you're sleeping, with three ties, so that you sleep all night. If one of you woke up with the name of Allah, then demon take off the first bond. Then if one of you ablutions, than demon will take off the second bond. And if it continued with the prayer, then take off third bond, so taht thay you will be excited and be clear. If not, then your heart will be matted and lazy"(Narrated / hadist by Muslim)

Really nice hadist..
How about you:)
What do you do?


Style Inspiration : HIGH FASHION by AMBU DESIGN

New Design by Ambu..
It's so Classy, Elegant, and Fancy..
Line of High Fashion..

AMBU DESIGN contact:
<click this link>

Photos by Hijab Fotography

Model : Irna a.k.a Me :)
Thanks to Ambu Diana (owner of Ambu Design) and Buya teddy (photograher)
also Athilla and cutiie khadeeja :)

Welcome 2012


Subhanallah, time's running so fast..
and now we open a new year..

My heart's praying to Allah..
In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful..
Dear Allah, Year has changed..
We beg you Allah, forgive us from our sins and wrong in the past ..
Protect and guide us from the bad things that will befall us in the future ..
Allah my love, you know what's best for me and my family, give us your kindness and please keep us from bad things ..
And stick our hearts in faith...
I am begging you and to you also I ask with love ..

Thank you Allah, for grace that you give in 2011 ..
Thank you Allah..

photo by Siti Juwariah