Hijab Tutorial #5 ( untitled 2 )

Picture 2:
Step 2:
 1. Continued from hijab tutorial # 4. Grab your favorite scarf, fold the scarf into a triangle shape. And put on your head.
2. Make sure one side is longer than the other.
3. You also can modify the scarf with putting more oblique / whatever as you want
4. Pull the scarf into the back of the head
5. Secure it
6. Separate the longer side
7. Tied the rest scarf (back) with the scarf in tutorial #4 (back too): (like tying your hair)
8. Take the longest side in the opposite direction (through the back of the head)
9 & 10. Bring that side to the other shoulder


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  1. Loove the clean-simple yet stylish hijab. Definetly an inspiration for my daily style :)