Hijab Tutorial #4 ( untitled 1 )

 Picture 1:

Steps 1:
1. First, wear your inners. Grab your favorite scarf, fold the scarf into a triangle shape. And put on your head, make sure one side is longer than the other.
2. Bring both sides of the scarf to the back, secure both sides with a pin at the back of the head
3. Take the longest side
4. Take the longest side in the opposite direction
5. Secure the longest side with a pin on your clothes
6. Still the same side of the scarf, do the same on the other side like no 5
7, 8, 9. Take the remaining fabric to the back of the head
10.  Put
the tip of the scraf in. (secure with safety pins if necessary)
11. Done! :)



  1. aaaa kak irna aku suka banget sama stylenya kakak :D

  2. sista.... ijinkan aku copy paste your tutorial ya

  3. cara2 nya d tulis dlm bhsa indonesia dunk... thanks

  4. dayumm girll u soo pwetty!!

  5. Cantik banget.. share yang lainnya donk.. ditinggu updateannya.. terimakasih banyak...

  6. coba bikin video tutorial yang ini yah...