++ Hijab Scarf Challenge

 Heillooo.. heilloo guys...
i got some information 4 ya..
maybe one of you already know this news..
and I will be posting again the quiz information for you guys..
this is it..

It has been a great 6 months for HijabScarf, and they celebrate by inviting us to share the challenge of it..

this is the quiz..
"Send us your most edgy style wearing your own plain white shirt".

The winner will get the opportunity to be featured on HijabScarf and having us as your personal photographer and make up artist. You can send as many pictures as you like.

Don't forget to mention the link of your photo (from Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or etc) on the comment box below (anyone can leave the link on comment box, it doesn't need a Blogger ID).

The quiz is open until Monday - November 22, 2010.

Terms and condition :
Winner must agree to have a photo session in Jakarta and responsible for their own transportation.

For more details, please visit the web of Hijab Scarf
Just join it,, 
i tell ya its so fuunnnn... :)


  1. Irnaaa.... I joined the Quiz :D hehehe, check out my outfit yaaa. Kapan kita belajar dandan nya niih?ehehehe

  2. ka ina cantik bangeeeeeeeeeeeeeet...huhuhuhuhhu *loh?! ehehe

  3. wahhh... ibu2 pada kumpul.. hihi..
    Wulan: I joined too lan.. 5 outfit! hehe.. ga nanggung2..

    puput: kan di doain pupt, jadi beneran deh ngirim ke hijab scarf, hehehe..

  4. yah kalo begini mah udah ketauan siapa yang menang..keren kereeen huhuhuhu