Hijab for Graduation even or wedding..

This hijab style might inspire ..
Especially when we want to attend an event ..
Such as graduation, wedding, or other events ..
A little style but still syar'i ..
Beautiful and graceful..

This is me n my husband..

This is my friend n me with the outfit

This is the hijab look

 This style is closed chest.. and this hijab made from shifffon (i dont know how to spell the fabric name,, hehehe) 
I made it my self..  xoxoxo..

I hope to make a tutorial someday.. 
So many idea in my head and i want to share with you guys.. :)
Hope you like it..


My Husband's Graduation

Saturday's ago, my husband and I attended a happy moment ..
He has completed his education at diploma four or equal to the degree ..

Congratulations dear husband ..
Really happy and im so proud of you .. : )


Accidentally, Meet CHIC Magazine

Yesterday, my husband and I went to job seekers event, at SMESCO, Jakarta Selatan..
We both want to find out the latest job in jakarta especially and lucky if it's really getting a good job .. hihi ..

The Entry Fee is Rp.35.000/ person..
While a look around and finding something..
I see a CHIC magazine stand..

Just for information for you guys..
That CHIC magazine is opening a job .. :) Yey!

I went to stand CHIC magazine and follow the event/ discussion "Asking and Questioning" bout CHIC magazine..
The speaker is Miss Emma Aliudin (if I am not wrong mention it)
She is the CHIC magazine editor, she was kind and smart ..

You know what?
At the end of the event..Every participant get gody bag..This is the most in waiting moment at the end of every events ..Is there who does not like gifts? I think all love gifts..And participants who asked the best, get an additional gift (T-shirt)..Yes, alhamdulillah, i got it.. :) hihihi..

There is so much fun..
I came home with happy to bring those stuff..
I tell you, that read many books or magazines is re-fresh your brain and make you feel confident n smart..
hihi.. :D

- Love -

Blue Jeans


No BLACK No Soul..

I adore woman who wear Abaya..
Especially for BLACK one..

Their so cool..