Not too much.. but i like it.. :)

Yesterday i went to visit my grandma from my husband family..
We want to silaturahim and release our miss..
I thing my look is Not too much and so relaxed..
And purple is cute.. :)


  1. waah...kamu dateng juga yaa pas bukber kemarin?gathering next time kita kenalan yang bener yaa..hehe..abisnya kemarin itu rame bgt jd blm bisa kenal satu persatu..hehe

    anw, you look pretty and also got a great style :)..I'll link you in my blog..
    and,what's your nickname?irna or dewi or nilam?hehehe

    nice to know more hijabers in blogging world :D :D

  2. Hi fikaaa...
    definitly! harus ketemu lagi biar kenalann..
    emang banyak bangeettt...
    yup.. jadi banyak hijaber ngeblog.. hahaha..
    u are so inspiring!
    umm.. dewi neelam i guess.. like my blog..
    i'll link u back fikaa..
    thank u so much..
    keep in touch yaa.. :D