Love Letter from GOD almighty for all women in the world ..

Assalamu 'alaikum..

Girls ..
Do you ever get a love letter? How does it feel?
Heart flutter and blooming right?
I feel it first .. When I was a junior high school ..
So deep ..

When I read a poster .. I am very happy ..

You Know from who??
From ALLAHU rahman wa rohim ...
The Messenger is the number one man in the world, he is Muhammad SAW ..

in a written letter ..

In the name of ALLAH the most gracious and merciful ..

An-Nuur: 31

"Say to the believing women. Let them hold their views and maintain their genitals and they do not reveal their ornaments except what (usually) visible from them. And let them cover with a cloth veil to their chests, and do not show off their adornment except to their husbands or their fathers or their husband's father (in law), or their sons or their husbands' sons or their brothers (brother and sister ) or the sons of their brothers or sons of their sisters (nieces), or their women or their slaves or servants have men who have no desire (for women) or children children who do not understand women's private parts ... "

Al-A'raaf 26
"O Children of Adam, Verily we have sent down to clothing to cover auratmu and beautiful clothing to jewelry and clothing that's the best self-restraint."


at the end of the letter, Rosulullah add the message..
"If a wife perform prayers five times a day, fasting in Ramadan, to maintain his honor and respect her husband, it will be said to him, you go into heaven through the door anywhere you like." - (Hadith Ahmad).

ALLAH SWT has commanded me about kindness, then I felt sorry, just realized that love letter after so long ..

Since then I have covered .. InsyaAllah .. :)

"The best of the world's jewelry is a woman who Sholehah" (Rosulullah)

PS: for all the beautiful girls in the world ..
never be afraid to use the hijab, ALLAH SWT always kept his word and always by our side ..
and the hijab will make you beautiful and makes you feel peaceful ..
Aminn,, Insyaallah.. \(^-^)/


  1. Alhamdulillah, I'm a new hijabers since Feb 2011. Just read your note and feel so lucky, knowing now that my choice to wear hijab is right. Thank you sista, for making this beautiful note...:)

    Cheers, QQ

  2. Subhanallah,what an inspiring note:)
    Seperti kak Ina yg jd inspirasi saya.hihi...
    Kak Ina tambah cantik y,dibanding waktu kuliah di PNJ (yg memang sudah cantik) ^^

  3. ladies.. thank you so much.. so motivated for me.. :)