Before wearing Hijab/ Jilbab..

My friend asked me about my routine before using the hijab.. 
For me.. it's so simple..

But she was always worried about her headscarf slipped or fallen..

My tips is..
1.  Make sure that our hair is always clean..
2. Comb your hair and pigtails/ bunch .. not too tight but not easily fall .. use a hair tie is made from material absorbed water or anything other than rubber that will make your hair tangled and broken ..
Like example:

3. Choose an inners/ bonnet that you like .. My suggestion, not made slippery like silk or anything that makes you uncomfortable because worry your hijab will slump.. look for t-shirts or any material that stick together in your hair .. or if you want to use an inner made of silk/satin, sometimes I wear two innerds, one made from full lace, then onother one made from silk / satin so it is not easy to fall .. but not too often coz ur hair need to breath too..
 And when u start wearing Inner, make sure that your hair enter all..
I got this picture from imancouture shopping
This one is bandana, Ciput, n Fully laced

4. Last, The important thing is a pin.. Becareful to use this.. then if you ready, Start wearing your fav Hijab with your own style..


So, Insyaallah the look will be pretty and the hijab will be stay longer.. also not fall in the wind..
Like a beautiful woman bellow..

So easy right? Just try.. 
I bet you will be so beautiful on hijab.. :)


  1. bagi tips dong kak,pake jilbab yg ngga perlu peniti/jarum..

  2. asiiik.... ditunggu tutorialnya kak :)

  3. kak...
    kayaknya di setiap yang pake hijab itu
    cempolnya gede2
    kalo yang berambut pendek..
    gimana menyiasatinya ya

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