Alhamdulillah oh, thank you ALLAH..

Thank you ALLAH for all your blessing..
for islam..
for all your love..
for the kindness..
for guiding me and my family..
for friendship..

for the ayes that i can see anything..
for the ears that i can hearing..
for the mouth and tongue so i can eat and speak..
for the nose that i can breathing and it's free..

for the sun, moon, and stars..
for the rain, wind, and fire..
for the ground and mountain..

Thank you ALLAH.. Soo..sooo.. Grateful..

My beloved friends..
Say sweet word..
" Alhamdulillah " (praise to Allah), even just 1 minute..
wherever, whenever and whatever we are..

"Suppose you count the favors of Allah, surely you will not be able" (An-Nahl: 18)
('^,) *winKK..

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