Just Preview..

Somehow.. My mood is not so clear *ga jelas maksudnya

Hi guys ...
These last months, the weather is really unpredictable ..
Same with my mood ..
Soooooo ... ssooooo .. not clear ..
Suddenly happy, sad, hungry, satisfied, angry, bored, empty, sick and really not clear....
HHHHHFFFFFTTT.... /(~,~')\

But, because Allah love somebody who has strong minded .. hehehe ..
So, we must have the spirit! 
Fighting! : D hihi.. aca aca fighting! 
(one of many korean yellings/ mascot words that i like..)
-- oOo --

Remove all the silly things .. and continue your life with creative and have the spirit..
KEEP FIGHTING! *spirit/fighting from all negative things..

Doing something, better than not..
like photoshooootttt.. hahaha..


Ida Royani's Jilbab.. (continue)

yesterday, I owe to you all about the headscarf Ida Royani ..
now I'm showing another part/side of the ida royani's hijab..

The headscarf scarf has two sides .. flowers and squeres..

It's Me

love it n easy to wear.. :D


Alhamdulillah oh, thank you ALLAH..

Thank you ALLAH for all your blessing..
for islam..
for all your love..
for the kindness..
for guiding me and my family..
for friendship..

for the ayes that i can see anything..
for the ears that i can hearing..
for the mouth and tongue so i can eat and speak..
for the nose that i can breathing and it's free..

for the sun, moon, and stars..
for the rain, wind, and fire..
for the ground and mountain..

Thank you ALLAH.. Soo..sooo.. Grateful..

My beloved friends..
Say sweet word..
" Alhamdulillah " (praise to Allah), even just 1 minute..
wherever, whenever and whatever we are..

"Suppose you count the favors of Allah, surely you will not be able" (An-Nahl: 18)
('^,) *winKK..


Not too much.. but i like it.. :)

Yesterday i went to visit my grandma from my husband family..
We want to silaturahim and release our miss..
I thing my look is Not too much and so relaxed..
And purple is cute.. :)


Ida Royani's Jilbab..

Look what i wear..
So beautiful color right..
This hijab's from ida royani design..
She's so clever to put 2 different motif in 2 side of  hijab..
In this time i just wear 1 side.. its flowers..
Next time i'll upload 1 different side from 1 hijab..
This hijab so easy to formed..
It's followed our face shape automaticly.. so easy to wear..
Like it!

Fabulous link

++ FeMiNin 
++ Puput Utami
++ Hijab & Co


Eid Mubarak 1431 H Quizzes from Hijab Scarf..

Miss Fifi n Miss Hanna Said that....
Eid Mubarak is getting closer. We cannot help our self not to give the readers everything best from us. You have seen our pictures with MissMarina collections that helped us look great on a picture. Therefore, in this holy month of Ramadhan and Eid Mubarak, HijabScarf and Miss Marinaaccessories would love to make your look even better by giving the readers not only 1 or 2 winners, but 4 winners got a lovely Prudence necklaces by Miss Marina.

All you need to do is just :
"Take some photos during your Eid Mubarak"
Give us your best shot with your best dress, best smile around your best of the best family.
(the quiz open for all of the sisters around the world).

Wait do you want to try another quiz? HijabScarf and Nuna's Koekjes would love to be around your enjoyment on Eid Mubarak. Who can resist a delicious crisp cookies, so we prepare 3 winners, each deserve to get 2 Nuna's special cookies.

How? "Give us your best Eid Mubarak Greeting"You can simply write it or design your greeting. You can be as creative as you can be to win the great cookies in town (seriously!).
(We hope this doesn’t sound unfair, but we only give this quiz to the readers in Jakarta only).
The quiz will be closed on Monday - September 20th, 2010
-------------- oOo --------------

I love it ..

Hijab scarf always make interesting surprises ..

I participate in this quiz ..

Eid Mubarak cards and look ..

but I only have one photo looks when Eid .. : (
but anyway, wish me luck..
Love you guys..


Before wearing Hijab/ Jilbab..

My friend asked me about my routine before using the hijab.. 
For me.. it's so simple..

But she was always worried about her headscarf slipped or fallen..

My tips is..
1.  Make sure that our hair is always clean..
2. Comb your hair and pigtails/ bunch .. not too tight but not easily fall .. use a hair tie is made from material absorbed water or anything other than rubber that will make your hair tangled and broken ..
Like example:

3. Choose an inners/ bonnet that you like .. My suggestion, not made slippery like silk or anything that makes you uncomfortable because worry your hijab will slump.. look for t-shirts or any material that stick together in your hair .. or if you want to use an inner made of silk/satin, sometimes I wear two innerds, one made from full lace, then onother one made from silk / satin so it is not easy to fall .. but not too often coz ur hair need to breath too..
 And when u start wearing Inner, make sure that your hair enter all..
I got this picture from imancouture shopping
This one is bandana, Ciput, n Fully laced

4. Last, The important thing is a pin.. Becareful to use this.. then if you ready, Start wearing your fav Hijab with your own style..


So, Insyaallah the look will be pretty and the hijab will be stay longer.. also not fall in the wind..
Like a beautiful woman bellow..

So easy right? Just try.. 
I bet you will be so beautiful on hijab.. :)

Eid Mubarak greeting..

I send this greeting card to you and to Hijab Scarf :)


Eid Mubarak style..

This is my gamis (in indonesia) or dress..
So pink and i love it..
I wear it when eid celebration..
So comfortable and feel "Fitri"..
sometimes,pink makes me feel blush..
Wear everything that you like n confident..
For me it's a must!
Just be the way you want.. but still Syar'i..
U know what i mean.. hihi..


Pashminaa.. (Blue)

I like baby colors..
it's soft and so comfort..
this is one of my fav. color..
so soft.. :)


Eid Mubarak..

Happy Eid Mubarak 1431 H..
Me and my family apologize to all our fault..Hopefully our deeds in the month of ramadan in God Accepted.. Allah's grace and love are always with us..
Yey.. ^^


"Break Fasting" together.. hihihi..

Break Fasting with family and friends really fun ..
This time,ramadhan along with my husband ..
very first time .. :)
It's fun although I miss break fasting with my own family, but still happy because with my husband ..
How bout your break fasting story guys?
would not it be nice too? lol ...

it's me, tante Ida, tante Nita, Ka Maya

Me, Mba Arie, mas Eno, mas Barkah, Ka Maya

adding : tante Inong :) beside me

me, ka Maya

My Hubbyyy.. ^^

Break Fasting with an orphan..

It is very touching..
When we share our joy to orphans..
Especially in this blessed month..
Very nice if we could share to anyone, without having to look at the status .. :)

Those are my friends..

mba galih, ade, me, n my mother in law..
 the food.. :)



Love Letter from GOD almighty for all women in the world ..

Assalamu 'alaikum..

Girls ..
Do you ever get a love letter? How does it feel?
Heart flutter and blooming right?
I feel it first .. When I was a junior high school ..
So deep ..

When I read a poster .. I am very happy ..

You Know from who??
From ALLAHU rahman wa rohim ...
The Messenger is the number one man in the world, he is Muhammad SAW ..

in a written letter ..

In the name of ALLAH the most gracious and merciful ..

An-Nuur: 31

"Say to the believing women. Let them hold their views and maintain their genitals and they do not reveal their ornaments except what (usually) visible from them. And let them cover with a cloth veil to their chests, and do not show off their adornment except to their husbands or their fathers or their husband's father (in law), or their sons or their husbands' sons or their brothers (brother and sister ) or the sons of their brothers or sons of their sisters (nieces), or their women or their slaves or servants have men who have no desire (for women) or children children who do not understand women's private parts ... "

Al-A'raaf 26
"O Children of Adam, Verily we have sent down to clothing to cover auratmu and beautiful clothing to jewelry and clothing that's the best self-restraint."


at the end of the letter, Rosulullah add the message..
"If a wife perform prayers five times a day, fasting in Ramadan, to maintain his honor and respect her husband, it will be said to him, you go into heaven through the door anywhere you like." - (Hadith Ahmad).

ALLAH SWT has commanded me about kindness, then I felt sorry, just realized that love letter after so long ..

Since then I have covered .. InsyaAllah .. :)

"The best of the world's jewelry is a woman who Sholehah" (Rosulullah)

PS: for all the beautiful girls in the world ..
never be afraid to use the hijab, ALLAH SWT always kept his word and always by our side ..
and the hijab will make you beautiful and makes you feel peaceful ..
Aminn,, Insyaallah.. \(^-^)/

Introducing me..



My name Is Irna Dewi Anggraini or Irna Shahram (after marriage) .. LOL .. :)
I was married (of course I have said earlier), on January 23, 2010 .. I have not worked permanently .. so, the most interesting activity for me was doing the blog, helping on Even Organizer, and eat .. lol ..
why I created the blog "Dewi Neelam"? I do not understand why ..but my interest in the Islamic world, women and nature, encouraged me to make this blog ..Hopefully, information, experience and passion can be entertainment and inspiration for my friends ..
Amin, Amin, InsyaALLAH..
I am a newcomer on this blog site .. so, still very newbie ..
There are still many deficiencies in my blog ..I hope all my friends can give some advice and suggestions via comment or by sharing the information .. :)
I really appreciate it.. Very Much!

Thank you guys ..



---- Irna ----