As simple as click

Apa yang biasanya kamu lakukan kalau ketemu kamera, kacamata dan tongsis?
Pasti foto2 yah, bisa narsis, foto panorama sampai foodies..
Habis foto biasanya kamu pilih, edit dan retouch sama efek filter yang lagi happening deh..
Bisa upload di IG or instagram, facebook atau sosial media lain tempat kamu paling nyaman untuk majang foto kamu..
Than, sometime you wanna tag your friend or place, or put a ton hashtag to spread your photos anywhere.. hehe..
Just lookin for notification likes and comments on your picts, could be some compliment, judging, or hatters..
But i just whateverrr.. hehe..

Share your picts appropriate and be inspirations to others..
Have a nice day and Good luck! 😙

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