This is my current daily hijab style
most favorite all time

Hijab Paris or Square Scarf

 I like it even more, hehe
this is the most easiest style for going somewhere, for casual or formal event, hehe
i know you like it too right^^

Bergo or Instant Hijab
oh hell yeah, this is the most fav my dear,
bergo style hehehe
so easy to wear, just hop and you redy to go
Apalagi buat ibu menyusui, wuih ini udah paling oye bangettt untuk santai dan jalan jalan

Pashmina silk or shiffon
my lazy shiffon shawl style, hehe
Just hanging one side on my head and pin it, ready to go ^^

Pashmina Cotton or viscose
If i just wanna feel a little stylish when i want to go to the mall, this is definitely my style

Too easy right, yes it is
bcoz now im a mother of Alisha Azahra, and im a brestfeeding mom, i have no choise for create my hijab style so i wear the easy way to wear,
beda lagi kalau pesta, yahh sedikit lebih bergaya dari sehari-hari tapi tetap memperhatikan kenyamanan saat menyusui, bukan begitu ibu-ibuu hehhee,,

If you wanna know where i got those hijabs, just go to my instagram, there is a link that you can find to buy it,

Ok loves, hope this hijab style can inspire you and have a nice day
Good Luck! ^^



  1. Mba dewiii, selalu suka sama foto-fotonya :D

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  3. Hadir untuk menyampaikan ucapan terima kasih dan salam sukses untuk semua. Mungkin hanya bisa saling berpesan untuk selalu semangat dan sabar dalam meniti karir.

  4. Cantik.
    Menakjubkan :-)

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  6. nice info , terima kasih banyak untuk semua nya :)

  7. terimakasih informasinya , sungguh bermanfaat sekali . . ;-)

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  12. sukaaa banget yang lazy shiffon shawl style sis...

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