FREE Trial Fashion Design at Instituto di Moda BURGO Indonesia

Assalamualaikum.. :)
Yesterday, on December 23th 2011..
I came to Bellagio Mega kuningan for participate in "FREE Trial Design" with my sister in law and my friend..
This event Organized by Instituto di Moda Burgo Indonesia,,
This School are based on Milan fashion..

First time, i've never been to school at fashion design, even i really really love to design.. 
My mother said that Since i was 3 years old, i really like to draw, when i was in elementary school until high school i love to join the painting competitions, and alhamdulillah.. I always win.. :)
but, because the fashion school cost was very expensive (as u know.. hehe) , I did not continue my passion in the fashion world.. T________T poor me.. hahaha..

Okay, this is some picture of me and my friends during the class..

This is me..

This is mba Ghalih..

and this is Echil.. 

The teacher was so kind, Verry understanding bout our character, very patience, and also very pretty.. :) Im verry upset that i dont have any photo of Burgo's teachers.. 
(>o<)# Urrgghh!

At the first time we are so serious to drawing, but after 35 minutes we start, we got dizzy and start to make a joke.. :)
This class so fun..
and this is our sketch..

This is my skecth..

Yey.. finish! hehe.

I got a goodybag..

I got Valuable experience..
and also fun..
Hopefully, one day i can go to Fashion school.. Amin.. :D

So, if you want to join or more information..
This is the address..

The Bellagio Mall, Unit L2 #19-22
Kawasan mega Kuningan Barat
kav. E4. 3 Kuningan Timur Setia Budi
Jakarta Selatan 12950 - Indonesia
Tel. +62.21.3002.0932 // Email. info@imbindonesia.com